Tony Hamlin Mediation in Maidstone, Kent & London

Who is Mediation for?
Mediation is for anyone who is dealing with a dispute or is involved in a complaint process and seeks the support of an independent third party. The service offers a framework within which resolution may be achieved.

What is the process?
The Mediator meets each party individually to provide the opportunity for open discussion in a safe and confidential setting. If all the parties are in agreement, a joint meeting is held facilitated by the Mediator to explore the difficulties and work towards a solution acceptable to the participants.

How long will it take?
It is usual for a Mediation to be completed within a period of a few weeks but this is dependent on the availability of the parties involved.

What if one party won’t attend?
Mediation is a voluntary process and there are times when not all parties agree to a joint meeting. In these situations the Mediator can offer ‘shuttle’ meetings as an alternative. In ‘shuttle’ meetings the Mediator will arrange a series of individual meetings in order to assist the parties involved to reach agreement without them being present in the same room.

Where will the Mediation/Facilitation take place?
Meetings usually take place in the client’s premises although in me circumstances it is recommended that they are arranged at a neutral venue, such as the Canterbury office.

What is the difference between Mediation and Facilitation?
In Mediation the goal is to assist parties to achieve resolution a dispute or complaint and follows an established process led model. In Facilitation the group determines the process as well as the outcome.

What will it cost?
Fees are dependent on the number of participants involved, the number of meetings required and the location. These can be discussed without commitment.

Please note: Payment is required 7 days after completion of the work.

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